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Section author: Geoffrey Weal <geoffrey.weal@gmail.com>

Section author: Dr. Anna Garden <anna.garden@otago.ac.nz>

Group page: https://blogs.otago.ac.nz/annagarden/

What is LatticeFinder

LatticeFinder is a program for finding the optimum lattice constant for a bulk 3D system (and at some point 2D systems as well).

Try LatticeFinder before you Clone/Pip/Conda (on Binder/Jupter Notebooks)!

If you are new to the LatticeFinder program, it is recommended try it out by running LatticeFinder live on our interactive Jupyter+Binder page before you download it. On Jupyter+Binder, you can play around with the LatticeFinder program on the web. You do not need to install anything to try LatticeFinder out on Jupyter+Binder.

Click the Binder button below to try LatticeFinder out on the web! (The Binder page may load quickly or may take 1 or 2 minutes to load)



It is recommended to read the installation page before using the LatticeFinder program. See Installation: Setting Up the LatticeFinder Program and Pre-Requisites Packages for more information. Note that you can install LatticeFinder through pip3 and conda.

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